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2015 Closure

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Colorado Fear Fest regrets to inform the public that the Halloween Festival will not be able to open for Fall of 2015.

We will truly miss the opportunity to be a part of your Halloween Season and to share scares in the cool Autumn evenings.

We appreciate all of the support over the years and hope to return in 2016 with an even better event!

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Colorado Fear Fest Blog...

Miranda Patrice Snodgrass
Oct. 15th, 1857

Miranda was the younger sister of Randle Snodgrass... She loved the West, the Lodge and playing with her dolls... and she loved Dalton Mills. Her and Dalton knew of a secret passage from the Grisly Lodge down into the Dark Mine and would explore the caves hours upon end. They had heard the stories of glowing caverns and of afflicted miners in the Mine but never happened upon any of them. It was her disappearance at the age of 15 that pushed Randle, already on the verge of a psychotic break, over the edge... The ghastly apparitions that haunted him and the loss of his sister had caused him to plunge completely into darkness. It was just a few weeks after her disappearance on that fateful eve, that Randle started his murderous rampage...

Grady Mung
Oct. 8th, 1858

Originally a Mung bean farmer, Grady moved west from Cimarron County in the Oklahoma panhandle during the dust Bowl years of the 1930’s. Destitude and ragged, Grady took up working in the old Dark Mine and was there the day the evil was unearthed and was the lone survivor. Most folks say he was never the same and babbled on about glowing green lights and how some of the Miners were still down there but they weren't the same men he went in with.

After several murders and numerous reports of missing folks, including the young Snodgrass daughter, Grady was a prime suspect until his own mysterious disappearance after checking in to the Grisly Lodge one stormy Fall night.

Miss Lucinda McGregor
Sept 23rd, 1854

The McGregor Family was steeped in wealth and influence and had significant vested interests in Grisly Gulch. Lucinda, the youngest and most rebellious daughter came west at the urging of her mother, the matriarch of the family. Miss Lucinda's instructions were clear... find out what was going on in Grisly Gulch at the Dark Mine and Grisly Lodge. What Lucinda did not count on was the man she had learned to despise had become the Sheriff in town, nor did she know that the town was decending into chaos and madness. Now she must learn to trust the man she hates to try and save the old town from the Root of Evil!

Sheriff Maurice Miller
July 31st, 1847

Sheriff Maurice Miller was a proud but beaten man. He had become a puppet in the corporate takeover of the old Mine and was now just a shadow of his former self. Knowing what he did though, he was a liablity to the greedy owners who conitnued to try and find a way back into the Dark Mine to continue their pursuit of wealth. Maurice knew what happend many years ago but nobody would believe him... and who could blame them. Crazy tales of flashing lights and flesh-eating miners who had long been left for dead those many years ago. All he could do was watch in horror as the entire town became consumed by the terror with no end in site.

Randle Snodgrass
May 18th, 1842

Randle Snodgrass was an odd but simple fellow. His family acquired the old Grisly Lodge back at the turn of the century when hunting in Colorado was difficult but prosperous. Soon after his younger sister Miranda mysteriously disappeared, Randle starting noticing strange things in the old place... glimpses of a little girl wandering through the halls, dolls showing up in weird places, crying and other oddities. The phantoms of the night now haunt Randle at every turn and he is certain is is going mad...